The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Attune yourself to one the Greatest Rhythms of the Universe

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

“The Marriage of Heaven and Earth”, Qigong. While there are a myriad of details to the external choreography and internal principles of the Heaven and Earth qigong, the following is an example of a few of the “internal motions” that fill the shape of the movement.

Wrapping… The parallel rotating of the Appendicular skeleton (and its associated tissues and fluids) around the axial skeleton along vertical centerlines of the body. Purpose: Circulation. Increases the motility/mobility of the organs. Promotes micro circulations of fluid into the fine corners of the body that result in deeper and balanced fluid transfers. (blood, lymph, interstitial, synovial, cerebrospinal…)

Pulsing… The gentle opening and closing in unison of all the joints and cavities of the body. “Cavities” referring to places such as the; shoulders nest, solar plexus, inguinal folds, perineum and places that can open and close that are not necessarily joints. Purpose: Circulation of fluids, specifically (but not limited to) the lymphatic system.

Breathing… Circular Taoist breathing without any holding, pauses or gaps in the breath. Purpose: Soothes the Nervous System, hyper-oxygenates the blood, takes stress off heart by assisting with the pumping of the circulatory system.

Circulation of the mind… guiding the mind with focused conscious thought and intention to literally feel along specific pathways of the internal landscape. No visualization. Purpose: connecting with and encouraging the flow of blood and energy.

Discipline… No special clothes or shoes are required to practice, only the discipline.