Superior Instruction

Raising the level of Breathing, Qigong & Tai Chi in Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill

Certified Instructor

Drop-In to a class...

Participate in a class. Witness the depth of material being shared at several different levels of experience and ability. Listen to the types of questions being asked, the answers, and have the opportunity to ask your own.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons

Students of group lessons are introduced to, review, and learn to practice movement arts ranging from Breathing and Qigong, to Bagua Zhang and Tai Chi Chuan. Start attending our group class at any time, class material is shared in a circular curriculum.

Private Lessons

Private Instruction

Enjoy superior instruction in the privacy of your own home. Provided for students of all levels from beginners to instructors, and clients who prefer or need privacy. (Cary, NC and surrounding areas).



I'm excited to share everything I know with motivated students. My students attain such great progress because they put in the individual practice time. Many of my students have been, are currently, or will be instructors themselves. Just as students are in search of great teachers... even more so, teachers are in search of great students.

Jason Quin

Jason Quin, certified Energy Arts instructor

A follower of Lao Tse's Water-Method of Taoist Meditation...

I am a practitioner and student of Qigong and several internal and external martial arts including Ba gua Zhang, Hsing I Chuan, and Tai Chi Chuan.

Energy Arts, Inc and the Taoist lineage master B.K.Frantzis certify me as an instructor of the Taoist breathing techniques of 'Longevity Breathing' and the qigong sets 'Opening the Energy Gates of the Body' and 'The Marriage of Heaven and Earth'.

I've taught professionally in the NC, Triangle Area for 20+ years to hundreds of students. I offer several instruction options suited to fit different levels of interest, time, ability and privacy.

Ancient Origin

Lao Tse's Water Method of Taoist Meditation

"Longevity Breathing", "Opening the Energy Gates of the Body", and "The Marriage of Heaven and Earth" are the basic Taoist Water Method Nei Gung techniques as learned and taught by the lineage master B.K.Frantzis, Jason's instructor, and one of two disciples of the late Taoist Sage Liu Hung Chieh, himself a lineage master of Lao Tse's Water Method of Taoist Meditation.

Find a complete biography of B.K.Frantzis at the Energy Arts, Inc website, along with a list of instructors and learning materials.

Drop-In Lesson

  • $20 cash
  • Sunday's 7-9pm
  • Raleigh, NC / Contact for Location
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Adults, 18 y/o+

Group Lessons

  • $70 / monthly
  • Tai Chi for Health
  • Circle Walking for Health
  • Taoist Longevity Breathing
  • The Marriage of Heaven and Earth
  • Opening the Energy Gates of the Body

Private Instruction

  • $100 / 90 minutes +/-
  • Accelerate Progress
  • Detailed Attention
  • I'll travel to you!!
  • Comfort of Home
  • Invite a Friend