Qigong (chi gung)

Release accumulated tension and stress while gaining greater mental clarity and stamina.

Internal Strength

Qigong (chi gung)

Regular practice of qigong will dissipate stress-related illnesses, heal chronic joint problems, and build internal strength. These exercises are easy on the body and can be performed by most anyone.

Qigong (chi gung)


Practitioners of qigong make the most progress by operating within 70% of their existing; range of motion, endurance and concentration. As qigong students grow and progress, so too does their "seventy percent".

Rou Shou


There is a connection between the health of specific organs and different facets of our emotional and mental fortitude. Qigong encourages positive behaviors achieving greater harmony, stability, and enjoyment of life.

Balanced Minds


Qigong strengthens and balances not only the body, but also the organs and their associated emotional and mental states (example: tonifying the kidneys to relieve mental depression).

Qigong is for Everyone...

Enhance all of your existing health routines, increase the flow of oxygen to the organs, create deeper fluid transfers throughout the body and strengthen your Central Nervous System. Truly anyone can gain health benefits by learning and practicing a qigong set. From Students and Baby Boomers, to Corporate Environments and Martial Artist.

Baby Boomers

Increase peripheral circulations, improve balance, and increase strength and power. Longevity Breathing and Qigong enhances awareness and increases mental activity. An increased oxygen supply to the cells leads to energy gain with a reduction of common complaints such as concentration disturbances, reduced performance, immune weakness, premature aging and peripheral circulation problems.


Experience improved coordination and faster healing. Enhance all of your existing workout routines. Regulate your metabolism and increase your body's vascular elasticity. Athletes of all kinds can increase their potential for performance by enhancing the quality and utilization of each breath.

Health Nuts

Increase the flow of oxygen to the organs. Correct and align body posture. Create deeper fluid transfers throughout the body (blood, lymph, synovial, interstitial, cerebral spinal). Strengthen your Central Nervous System. Enhance all of your existing health routines.


Improve your critical thinking ability and memory. Reduce stress and relax thoughts in order to sleep. Breathing can be a tool for maintaining a high level of health for a lifetime.

Corporate Environments

Learn to mitigate the effects of stress on the mind and body. Increase your mental and physical stamina as you develop greater mental alertness and strengthen your immune system.

Martial Artist

Raise your energy level. Eliminate hesitation and fear. Increase speed, power and creativity.

The Traumatized

Re-pattern your nervous system to let go of fear, pain, addiction, anger and sadness.

Qigong (qi-gong)

Qigong, also known as Chi Gung, is a gentle yet powerful tool to release accumulated tension, strengthen the central nervous system and maintain a high level of health over a lifetime.

A mind-body integration exercise... qigong are gentle motions that develop a healthy body and balanced heart/mind.

Qigong postures and movements are practiced to vitalize the body, clear the mind and increase general health.

  • Calms the Mind
  • Takes stress off the Heart
  • Soothes the Nervous System

Energy Gates

Opening the Energy Gates of the Body

The skills developed while learning the 'Opening the Energy Gates of the Body' qigong set will enable the practitioner to experience their internal landscape and better understand the connection between internal health and the external environment while releasing subtle tensions throughout their body/being. This practice specifically will enhance all other energetic practices and movement arts.

  • Standing Dissolving
  • Cloud Hands
  • The Three Swings
  • Spine Stretch

Heaven and Earth

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Practitioners of 'The Marriage of Heaven and Earth' smooth, strengthen and heal many aspects of their being by learning to smoothly open and close the joints and tissues of their body. The Opening and Closing of the body, referred to as 'pulsing', is one of the biggest underlying principals of all phenomenon. This qigong emphasizes pulsing and attunes the practitioner to one the greatest rhythms of the universe.

  • Circular Breathing
  • Opening & Closing
  • Tissue Wrapping